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Repair and Installation

We just don’t think about how convenient our indoor plumbing system is until a problem arises and then, it becomes inconvenient.  We get used to hearing dripping faucets and we can ignore wood rot or signs of mold, or even a spike in our water bill, but these are signs that you may have a serious water leak that needs your attention.  To the home or business owner, small leaks can appear to be a simple fix, but most of the time, they are the result of more extensive leaks or drain clogs caused by aging pipes and an outdated plumbing system. 

It’s best to call us, Mays Plumbing, as soon as possible when you have a drip from the ceiling, or experience clogged drains to prevent your plumbing problem from escalating and costing you more money in the long run. But, there’s no need to worry if something happens after hours because we offer emergency plumbing services.  We are a family-owned business that has served for over 40 years now and we will be there when you need us.  Our goal is excellent service and quality workmanship in everything we do. 

Our team of professionals offers a full range of plumbing services to Lexington, Newberry, Columbia, Chapin, Charleston, and throughout the Midlands.  We are highly trained in plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance services and we use the latest equipment to locate the source of your problem.  Once the source of the leak is located, then we will provide an estimate with the best solution to fix the leak and prevent it from wreaking havoc on your entire plumbing system, or if needed, provide an estimate for new installation.  Remember, the moment that you see the leak, you need to call us!  We will get the job done fast, without disrupting your home in the process and without charging you an arm and a leg. 

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With over 15 thousand satisfied customers, Mays Contracting is your proven leader with real solutions for all of your Residential and Commercial Plumbing and HVAC needs. Our company was founded with one goal in mind- to provide superior quality and award-winning service with each and every customer!